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People exercise and follow healthy diet to stay fit. They spare a lot of time from their busy schedule for physical health and growth. But, do people make any effort towards their mental growth? Rarely! They just complete their Master’s degree for the ‘mental growth’. That is it. The willingness and enthusiasm for mental growth stops as soon as they receive their degree certificate.

In context of Nepal, either the company trains their employees or sends them to get trained at training centers. A person hardly involves oneself in mental growth and personality development trainings. Hence, Smart Hub wants to set a culture where an individual allocates a certain amount from their annual budget for the mental and personal development— just how they spend in luxuries or birthdays, travel, shopping, or even food.

With an aim to establish this mindset, Smart Hub was founded with the motto - Consulting, Training, and Recruiting. The company was established by trainers themselves, and that is what sets the company apart. Hence, it is not just a business but, passion for us. As for me, I had already decided to become a consultant before completing my master’s degree in 2002. For the same, I gathered all required knowledge and skills. Later, I went to the US and studied a certified course from John Maxwell.

When in U.S., I realized Nepal has knowledge-based economy. Here people only gain knowledge but do not put the knowledge into action. But, in the US, people believe in doing culture. Only knowledge culture does not give result. One has to do task for the same. We don’t need to know so many things. But, we need to put the things we know in action. We need to take accountability for the same.
Smart Hub inspires individuals to spend a little on mental and personality growth, not just physical aspects.

Lastly, I would like to thank my colleagues, fellow trainers, and clients for believing in Smart Hub and making us one of the top HR consulting and training companies in Nepal.

Ajay Regmi
Chief Executive Officer